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Athena Global Earth Observation Guide, 1st Edition

A decision-maker's guide to the use of satellites for environment, resources, disasters and security.

"A Consultant in Your Briefcase."

Price: US $600 US $249.00 as of 1 February 2007 (significant reductions are also available for certified academic institutions and bulk purchases).

Money Back Guarantee Policy: If you are not entirely satisfied with the Athena Global Earth Observation Guide, return it within 10 days of receiving it for a full refund (less shipping charges).

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For more information, please contact Patricia Marshall.

A comprehensive review of Global Earth Observation activities covering three main areas:

  • environment
  • resources
  • disasters and security

The Athena Global Earth Observation Guide is the fastest way to understand:

  • global Earth observation trends
  • who the players are
  • what is happening where…and when
  • why Earth observation is important
  • fundamental trends in the use of Earth observation
  • the transition from research to operations
  • benefits of Earth observation use
  • what is coming next and how it will affect you
  • opportunities for cooperation

With detailed regional analyses and country-by-country profiles, covering over 40 countries and international organizations, and over 250 pages of up-to-date and clearly presented information, the Athena Global Earth Observation Guide, 1st Edition is the indispensable decision-maker's guide to global Earth observation activities.

A must read for public and private sector leaders and decision-makers as well as business executives, space agencies and disasters managers around the world!