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Christopher Woodworth-Lynas

Senior Associate

Dr. Christopher Woodworth-Lynas joined Athena Global as a senior associate in 2005. Chris is an earth and oceans scientist.

Chris has worked on studies of planetary in situ resource use and science of the Moon and Mars, as part of NASA's new vision for establishing a permanent human presence in space. He is currently working on a feasibility study for radio telescope interferometry from the moon as part of the development of a Lunar Exploration System concept. He pioneered Earth-Mars scientific research on scour marks made by floating ice keels. He initiated a novel concept study for miniaturized seismic profiling system for a Mars rover mission, based on a simple solenoid to drive a combined seismic source / miniature drill and adapted for downhole micro-tools.

Chris is also an expert in marine sciences, specializing in marine geology and icebergs. He is a Board member of OceansAdvance (the Newfoundland Ocean Technology Cluster), and Director of OceansAdvance Inc., the not-for-profit arm of OceansAdvance. He currently chairs the Ocean Observation System committee. Chris is a veteran of many marine geological/geophysical surveys as a senior scientist and geoscientist and has worked worldwide from the Canadian Arctic and sub-arctic to South America, the South China Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Singapore, the Arabian Gulf, Europe and Florida. He is a recognized expert on the phenomenon of ice keel scouring of the seafloor, and is currently co-authoring a book on icebergs with Dr. Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree (honours) in Geology from Liverpool University, a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Science degree from Memorial University and a Ph.D. in Marine Geology from the University of Wales.

Chris brings his enormous creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to the Athena Global team.