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Incigul Polat-Erdogan


Incigul Polat-Erdogan joined Athena Global in 2005 as an associate, located in Ankara, Turkey.

Incigul has worked at the Information Technologies and Electronics Research Institute (BILTEN) in Ankara as a researcher on satellite remote sensing applications including satellite-based detection of carbonaceous algal blooms on sea surface. She also conceptually designed an educational program for high-school students to collect ground-truth data for the Bilsat satellite, Turkey's first remote sensing satellite launched in 2003. Incigul has also worked on analysis of the high-resolution remote sensing market and studied political, technological and economic forces acting upon the market. She has published on Turkish space history.

Incigul has both a Bachelor's and Master's of Science in environmental engineering from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey. She has carried out both theoretical and experimental studies regarding the potential impacts of desert-dust particles on global climate change. In 2002, she joined the Department of Space Studies at the University of North Dakota, and received her Master's of Science degree in multidisciplinary space education in 2004. She is a graduate of the International Space University's Summer Session and a member of the Space Generation Forum.

Incigul brings her in-depth knowledge of the remote sensing market and her experience in developing national space programs to Athena Global's team.