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Jürgen von der Lippe

Senior Associate, European Aerospace Sector

Jürgen von der Lippe joined Athena Global in 2003. Jürgen has 40 years experience as an engineer and manager in the nuclear engineering and manned spaceflight sectors, including extensive international experience with the US, Russia, Japan and many members of the European Union. Jürgen specializes in concept and strategy development and large scale project management.

In particular, Jürgen served as Project Manager for the EURECA space mission. For a dozen years he was Managing Director of Intospace GmbH, an innovative space services commercialization company with a turnover of about 10 million Euro. He has served on advisory committees for both the German Space Agency (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA), and authored more than 50 papers presented at international symposia.

Jürgen holds degrees from the University of Hanover (mechanical engineering), and Technical University Kiel (nuclear reactor engineering).

Jürgen brings to the Athena Global Team a gift for innovative solutions to a changing marketplace, strong commercialization and marketing skills, a solid engineering background and an impressive corporate management vision and track record.