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Noel Siemon


Noel Siemon joined Athena Global in 2006. Noel has extensive experience spanning more than 30 years working in the Australian Public Service and for the private sector. In the public sector, Noel has been involved on space science and technology issues and industry policies. As a consultant, Noel has worked on a wide array of mandates including contributing towards a roadmap for the space industry within Australia, and developing a database on global space programs and technology. Noel is also an active executive member of the Australia Space Industry Chamber of Commerce.

Noel holds a Ph.D. in public policy planning and global technology dependence from the University of Western Sydney and a Master of Arts (Administration) and Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) degrees from the University of Canberra.

His expertise in program planning and management, combined with space policy knowledge and research experience, make him a valuable addition to the Athena Global team.