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Phil Gregory

Senior Associate

Phil Gregory has been associated with Athena Global since its founding in 2001. Phil has over thirty years experience in both public and private sector organizations. His experience and capabilities range from management to strategic planning and systems engineering.

Over the course of his career, Phil has consistently created and led teams tasked with developing new business products. This includes leading the development of an advanced medical linear accelerator for Atomic Energy of Canada at Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, piloting new product enhancements for the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite-based search and rescue program, and developing spaceflight hardware for Cal Corporation, COM DEV, EMS Technologies and the Canadian Space Agency. At the CSA, he was ran the Microgravity Science Directorate for five years. Within Athena Global, he has worked on sector studies dealing with microgravity research facilities on a global basis, strategic planning advice for the CSA's Space Science Branch and market studies on manned space commercialization.

Phil holds a PhD and a Master of Science degree from McMaster University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Essex. He has taken MBA courses at the University of Ottawa.

Phil is an innovative manager who brings his experience, creativity and critical thinking to bear in a wide array of analysis and strategic planning mandates for Athena.