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Security specialist

Reece Lumsden


Reece Lumsden joined Athena Global in 2004 as an associate. Reece began his career as an Electrical Engineering Officer with the Royal Australian Air Force. He has worked with the Intelligent Systems Group at the NASA Johnson Space Flight Centre in Houston, and Air Force Headquarters in Canberra, Australia (future space concepts division).

His work has extended to unmanned aerial vehicles, the FEDSAT and JAESAT mini-satellite projects, the Mars Desert Research Station - Utah (Commander), international space policy and joint allied defence architecture. In 2003, Reece founded Lumsden Consulting, a defense and space consultancy based in Australia.

Moving to the US in 2005, he was a consultant to the National Aerospace Development Center (NADC), aiding with the development of a National Aerospace Workforce Program. He is currently working in the aerospace sector based in Seattle, Washington.

Reece studied electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Western Australia, has a Master's degree from the International Space University (advanced life support systems) and a MBA specializing in Technology Management from La Trobe University. Reece is a member of the Space Generation Forum. He was awarded the Young Professional Engineer of the Year by Engineers Australia in 2002.

He serves on numerous engineering and space-related committees in Australia and internationally.

Reece brings to the Athena Global team a passion for space exploration and its vast potential, a solid engineering background and impressive space and defence related experience both in the field and at the strategic level.