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Sustainable development specialistEnvironment specialist

Tim Lash

Senior Associate, Environment, Sustainable Development & Northern Issues

Tim Lash joined Athena Global in 2001 as a senior associate. He is responsible for environment, sustainable development and northern issues for the company. Tim has over 25 years experience in environment and wildlife management in government and in the NGO community.

With a graduate degree in environmental studies, Tim has international and Canada-wide experience. His former positions include Interim Director of the Canada office of IUCN-The World Conservation Union; Director, Prince Edward Island Fish & Wildlife Division; Chief, Endangered Species, and Chief, Aboriginal Affairs, Canadian Wildlife Service; Research Associate, Science Council of Canada. He has developed policy and negotiation positions for international environmental treaties, and for conservation law enforcement. Work in Africa has included international wetland management, and teaching. Over the years he has worked with seabird field research teams in the Canadian Arctic and Pacific coasts.

Recently, Tim has led the global overview of environmental issues and worldwide uses of space earth observation to address them, in the Athena Global Earth Observation Guide 2005. He has also led strategic stakeholder consideration of how space can contribute to sustainable development and stewardship of the environment, specifically for northerners, and for World Heritage nature conservation.

Tim has a Master's in Environmental Studies from York University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.

Tim brings creativity, openness and thoroughness to the assessment of cross-disciplinary challenges and identification of innovative solutions.