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What's new?

  • Athena Global was recently awarded a mandate from the Australian Centre for Remote Sensing (ACRES)/Geoscience Australia. Under the contract, Athena will provide an assessment of current and emerging remote sensing data needs and opportunities in Australia, as well as a comprehensive review of global trends in remote sensing and future Earth observation missions. The study will support on-going strategic planning activity within ACRES, and was awarded in response to an international Request For Quote (RFQ).

  • Athena Global was declared the successful bidder in the Canadian Space Agency's Request for Standing Offer in support of Business Planning activities for the RADARSAT-C (SAR Constellation) mission. This mandate involves a broad range of support including coordinating the Canadian and International User Teams and supporting the development of Mission Requirements. The mandate is to March 2007 with options for further work to March 2009.

  • Athena Global was awarded a key study in support of the Canadian Space Agency's HERO (Hyperspectral Environment and Resource Observer) Program; Athena completed the development of the business case for public sector investment in HERO in January 2006, in association with Northern Facilitation Opportunities and Geotechnical Solutions Inc.

  • Athena Global has been asked to support the development and drafting of Canada's Federal Earth Observation Strategy (FEOS).

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