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About Athena Global

Founded in early 2001, Athena Global quickly established a strong reputation in supporting emerging space sector companies by marshalling comprehensive, up-to-date market intelligence and applying it to relevant market segments and projects.

Earth’s City Lights
©NASA Earth Observatory

More recently, Athena Global has applied this expertise to public sector mandates in Canada with the Department of National Defence, the Canadian International Development Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. In particular, Athena Global has been called upon to offer multidisciplinary project teams that can understand and articulate the extraordinary impact space technologies and applications can have on other sectors, and develop new user communities. Athena Global is currently actively involved in developing such knowledge in communities working on environmental stewardship, sustainable development and security issues.

Athena Global is a privately-held business corporation. To learn more about how past Athena Global mandates or explore how Athena can support you in your own activities, .

The Athena Global team is always available on short notice to speak at events and conferences on a wide range of environment, security and space-related issues.