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Our people are your strength

Athena Global places particular focus on orchestrating cross-disciplinary teams with a view to approaching problems using different frameworks, harnessing energy, dynamism, and extensive abilities in synthesis and analysis to forge consensus visions and solve problems with innovative solutions. Depending on the nature of each mandate, Athena Global identifies global experts in this particular area and invites them to join the team.

Illimar Altosaar

Senior Associate, Biotechnology (Ottawa, Canada)

Linda Hiles

Senior Associate (Ottawa, Canada)

John Bean

Senior Associate (Prague, Czech Republic)

Tim Lash

Senior Associate, Environment, Sustainable Development & Northern Issues (Ottawa, Canada)

Karl Doetsch

Chairman of the Board (Victoria, Canada)

Reece Lumsden

Associate (San Francisco, United States of America)

Margaret Doetsch

Publications Editor (Victoria, Canada)

Christopher Woodworth-Lynas

Associate (St. John's, Canada)

Andrew Eddy

President and Chief Executive Officer (Montréal, Canada)

Christiane Maasburg

Director of Research and Operations (Montréal, Canada)

Howard Edel

Senior Associate, Oceans and Coastal Zones (Ottawa, Canada)

Patricia Marshall

Project Manager (Montréal, Canada)

Incigul Polat-Erdogan

Associate (Ankara, Turkey)

Anna Reka

Associate (Montréal, Canada)

André Faucher

Senior Associate, Program Audit & Evaluation (Montréal, Canada)

Tiit Romet

Senior Associate, Security & Disasters (Montréal, Canada)

Phil Gregory

Senior Associate (Ottawa, Canada)

Jürgen von der Lippe

Senior Associate, European Aerospace Sector (Hanover, Germany)

Mike Kirby

Senior Associate, Satellite Remote Sensing (Ottawa, Canada)

Olga Zhdanovitch

Associate, Russian Aerospace Sector (Moscow, Russia)

Parvez Kumar

Senior Associate (Victoria, Canada)


IDG Communications

Montréal, Canada

Intervale Associates (Kathleen Blanchard

Montréal, Canada

North East Space Co.

Ottawa, Canada