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Bridging Visions & Leaders

Space technologies and applications offer a wide range of opportunities in many different areas. User communities are often not aware of the potential synergies, savings and new operations enabled through space.

Athena Global, working with experts from both space and non-space areas, aims at building bridges between the space sector and other communities. Our current areas of focus for untapped potential include the environment, international development, disaster management and the North. Contact us to determine whether space may offer your activities services and possibilities previously unimagined.

Outreach activities delivered in turn-key format by Athena Global include workshops, conferences and promotional activities. Over the longer term, Athena provides bridge building and "organizational outreach", cross-sector needs analyses and development support for pilot projects.

Conferences and workshops:

Canadian Space Agency (Space Technologies Branch):
The Canadian Space Program and Environmental Information for Sustainability and Security (EISS) - Workshop and Strategic Planning Support/Concept Development (2002).

Canadian International Development Agency:
CIDA-CSA Conference on "Space Applications for Sustainable Development" co-sponsored by the United Nations Programme on Space Applications; on-going organizational support for space-related analyses (2002/03).

Canadian Space Agency:
Space and the North Workshop (2004)

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