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Strategic Consulting

Athena Global offers management consulting services, particularly strategic planning advice and support and program development support for programs relating to our focus areas or to space infrastructure.

Whether your consulting needs are for a few hours, a few days or a few months, Athena Global's diverse team of experts can address your requirements. We offer both turn-key solutions and punctual support to integrated project teams.

Some examples of strategic planning mandates include support to the development of three of the Canadian Space Agency's four strategic thrusts: Earth observation, space science and exploration and satellite communications (led by Andrew Eddy, Parvez Kumar and Ron Buckingham).

Some examples of program development support mandates include support to the Canadian Space Agency's Space Payload Directorate for the HYDROS, SAR Constellation and Canadian GEO programs (led by Andrew Eddy).

Athena Global was recently retained to develop an engagement strategy for the HERO hyperspectral satellite mission.

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