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Intervale Associates

Kathleen Blanchard and Intervale Associates joined the Athena Global network as a Strategic Environmental Partner in 2005. Intervale Associates is a group that provides professional services in the fields of conservation, heritage interpretation, sustainable tourism, and rural development.

Intervale is made up of leading experts in wildlife conservation, tourism planning, heritage conservation, and environmental problem-solving. Kathleen A. Blanchard, Ph.D., has developed successful, award-winning conservation projects over 25 years. John S. Hull, Ph.D., is internationally recognized for his work in heritage tourism. Eric Chaurette, M.E.S., is a geographer specializing in community conservation and environmental problem-solving in rural Canada and Latin America. Shirley Hill (Finance) and Shukong Ou (Information Systems) bring years of experience with consultative and industry expertise, helping Intervale to meet the diverse objectives of our partners. Members of the Intervale leadership team have worked together for a combined total of over 42 years.

Intervale Associates is experienced in participatory and community-based research and program development, having applied this approach over many years to conservation and heritage projects in rural areas of Canada and internationally. In collaboration with other organizations and rural communities, Intervale has demonstrated the effectiveness of community-based approaches in achieving conservation objectives while providing benefits to rural communities.

Intervale's reach extends to Latin America, Asia, Europe, and other areas around the world. Yet much of their approach is inspired from heritage and years of work with people in the Atlantic and Gulf of St. Lawrence regions of Canada. Intervale takes a very positive approach to conservation and to making conservation work for people.

Kathleen Blanchard, President of Intervale Associates has over 28 years experience in wildlife, fisheries, and habitat conservation. Her specialty is in community-based strategies for the recovery of threatened and endangered species. For two decades she designed and directed an award-winning project that helped restore seabird populations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence while presenting a convincing case to governments, NGOs, and the international conservation community of the power and efficacy of public engagement in conservation. She has authored numerous scientific and popular articles, has lectured on several continents, and her work is featured in a CBC television documentary for The Nature of Things. Kathleen has also spear-headed innovative solutions for wastewater and solid waste management in rural and northern communities, including the use of natural sphagnum peat in wastewater treatment. An entrepreneur, she is co-founder and President of Intervale Associates, a consulting group specializing in biodiversity conservation, sustainable tourism, and the preservation of rural livelihoods.

Kathleen served on the Scientific Advisory Committee for Canada's Endangered Species Recovery Fund and the World Conservation Union Commission on Education and Communication. From 1996 to 2002 she was President of Quebec-Labrador Foundation (Canada), Inc., where she worked for 25 years and maintained senior management responsibilities. She has held many board and advisory positions with Canadian and U.S. conservation organizations, including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and North American Association of Environmental Education. She has consulted for Environment Canada, World Wildlife Fund Canada, CBC television, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Wildlife Habitat Canada, National Audubon Society, and many other organizations. She holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University.