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North East Space Company

Northeast Space Company has provided technical and management consulting to clients in government and industry since its foundation in 1998. Its clients include the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Telesat Canada, Routes Astro Engineering, York University, Bristol Aerospace, Spectral Applied Research and J.M. Installations. Northeast Space Company is a member of CRESTech and the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation. Northeast Space Company has been an Athena Global strategic partner since early 2004.

Ron Buckingham is President of Northeast Space Company, which includes four other senior space professionals. Ron is a widely respected aerospace engineer, with over thirty years in the space industry in Canada and the USA. His technical skills extend to satellite systems engineering, spaceborne electro-optical instruments, structural and thermal engineering, and environmental testing. He has played a major role in defining and promoting the Hyperspectral Environmental Resource Observer program in Canada and was instrumental in the definition of Canada's small-satellite and micro-satellite bus programs.

Prior to starting Northeast in 1998, Ron co-founded Routes Astro Engineering Inc and served as Vice-President, Business Development and Board Member for ten years. Ron was an early member of Canadian Astronautics Ltd (CAL, now EMS-Ottawa), and was instrumental in establishing CAL's space group, which he headed. He has also worked with SPAR Aerospace and TRW. Ron's extensive program experience includes major contributions to Viking, CTS/Hermes, WINDII, Skynet UHF antenna, OSIRIS, Freja UV Imager, CUVIT study (space astronomy), Oedipus-C, and three Canadian payloads on US shuttle missions. Ron was a member of the NASA-led Space Station Redesign Team in 1993.

Ron has written numerous papers and actively participates in several professional organizations. He holds a bachelor's of science degree from NYU and a masters in engineering from the University of Ottawa.